This class has definitely changed my perspective.  I knew about GDP in passing, I had a political point of view on it all, and some personal concepts just from living life.

Now, I understand the systems at work, and the interactions between them a lot better than before.  Some of my original beliefs seem a bit naive, others have been reinforced with much better rationale than I had before.

Overall, I enjoyed the class, and even though I kind of resented the book review assignment initially, the book was a great read, and provided a lot of insight into what we do and left me with a lot of curiosity as to why we continue to do them.

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So, a little about me eh?  Born and raised in a little U.P. town on the east end of Lake Superior, I moved down to the Lansing area about 10 years ago to work in Call Center Workforce Management.  It's fairly specialized work, and because of that, my job level has outpaced my education, so it's time to balance that back out.  Would you like to know more?  Just ask.

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